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Buyback Information

Buyback Policy

The Bookstore's commitment to students is to buy back as many books at the end of each semester as can possibly be resold the following term. That usually includes over 80% of our titles. During this time the Bookstore will pay up to 50% of the original purchase price on all copies needed by us for the following semester - even for copies originally purchased used and those purchased elsewhere! Following are some reasons why the Bookstore may not buy back certain titles:

  1. Publishers change books
  2. Faculty change books
  3. The Bookstore is overstocked on a title
Discontinued books may still have a "wholesale" value, if the edition is current. These books are purchased by us for a USED BOOK company that resells them to other schools. Wholesale values range from 10-30% of the original new price.

Buyback prices are subject to change without notice.

During the last week of the semester buyback is located in the Mustang Room directly across from the Bookstore.

During the remainder of the semester buyback will be done inside the Bookstore and sales receipt will be required.

Pricing & Demand

Students can sell books anytime, if there is a listed value in our wholesale catalog, but the best price is during last week of each semester.

Don't wait too long!

While we make every effort to give you the most back for your books, don't wait too long--some books have limited quantities being purchased. The condition of the book, national demand, new editions, missing pieces and overstocks can affect the resale value of your books.


Delta College Bookstore
5151 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95207

Please make sure to include your Name, Address, Delta Student ID number and your Phone number.
Please keep your tracking number for your records.

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Delta College Bookstore
Danner Hall
5151 Pacific Ave.
Stockton, CA 95207

(209) 954-5085
[email protected]



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